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Healthy vending machines really do exist!

Vending machines don’t have to be all about chocolates, chips, soft drinks and lollies. There are such things as healthy vending machine options too. Yes, believe it or not, the demand for healthy vending machine options is high from businesses of all shapes and sizes. One of the major benefits of a healthy vending machine is that it gives you the option of having a treat or snack without having to feel guilty. Some of the products that you are likely to find in a healthy vending machine include protein bars, popcorn, nuts and juices. “A great benefit of having a healthy vending machine option in your business is that […]

Happy birthday to us!

This month we have celebrated a landmark achievement at Star Vending – our 10-year anniversary! Star Vending has been servicing Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with vending machines for a decade now and that doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. We began servicing just a handful of businesses back in 2005 but since then we have taken on some big clients. Some of the more well known clients we provide free vending machines for include NOVA 96.9FM, Premier Cabs, consumer group CHOICE, Smooth FM and King Furniture. “There aren’t many jobs that you can say you have fun at every day, but at Star Vending, we are definitely one of […]