Perfect & Healthy Vending Machine in Sydney for Merchandising

STAR VENDING is privileged to capitalize on a booming market of health conscious buyers.  We offer  healthy vending machines procured  from Italy to promote healthy lifestyles.  The range exhibits alluring designs,  quality material and state of the art manufacturing techniques. Our collection of  vending  machines come in the variant models with the dissimilar usage and features. Selec t the suitable  fit for your business essentials.

Our vending menu provides affordable healthy drinks, snacks, and fresh food options. We embark on partnering with the entrepreneurs, who strive on encouraging the healthy food. For current and prospective partners to blow agility in the services, we have:

  • Industry leading location procurement crew
  • Product development experts
  • Customer service/ franchisee relations managers

With the precision to customer trends, we stock the finest healthy options. Our vending menu ensures mandated dietetic guidelines for the tranquility of healthy eating habits. This escalates the profitability of micro markets. The range requires no heavy maintenance, if use with vigilance.

We embark on selling advanced  vending machines to FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies.  We also connect them to high selling points against particular % of commission. This strategic placement of their products enhances their,

  • Product market visibility
  • Profit ratio

We offer the free complete services to all size  of business. There is no undisclosed cost. No charge means no cost. Moreover, we also pay the certain % of commission on overall product sales. It all sounds too good to be real, doesn’t it!  We guarantee our clients the following service standards:

  • Inventory management with zero out of dates or out of stocks
  • Prompt services around the week
  • Service and hygiene inspection minimum once in a week
  • Quick turn around time in-case of machine failure
  • 200% guarantee on Product Refund

Drink Vending Machines

Enjoy  the unlimited supply of  ice-cold drinks with the Eco-friendly refrigeration. From dairy milk, soda drinks to fruit juices, it stocks all and that too at an accurate temperature to keep the freshness locked. The drink vending machine has following features,

  • Select up to 40-48(bottles & cans) per vending machine.
  • The unit dimension of 940mm W X 1820mm H X 900mm D
  • The footprint size of 104 x 97cm

Snack Vending Machines

Our collection of snack food vending machines is  ideal for medium to large workplaces or businesses.  From snacks, healthy microwave meals to fresh vegetables and fruits, it stocks all. The snack vending machine has following features,

  • The heated glass of 230 VAC/50Hz-5.2 AMPS
  • Electricity consumption of 230 VAC/50Hz-4.8 AMPS
  • The unit dimension of 1040mm W X 1830mm H X 970 mm D

Combo Vending Machines

Our exotic range of Combo vending machines has adjustable trays and discrete temperature zones. This advanced combo vending machine is flexible to dispense a wide variety of juices, snack and cold drinks. Refrigeration and chilling can be parted as per its own devoted temperature zone for optimum freshness.

Complete vending machine range mirrors almost the same aesthetic and technical features.  Just list down the healthy vending menu and leave the rest of the hard work to us.  We customize the layout to accommodate your requirements.  The range has an extra-large display glass with adjustable trays to fit all shapes and sizes of a healthy vending menu.

  • The time of day shutdown
  • LED lights and LCD touch screen technology
  • The 240V powered motors can be paired up
  • Eco-friendly refrigeration cost is approximately 3 KWH/24 hours, which is equal to $150 per annum

Caution! Mass, capacities and product range vary, dependent on configuration and model. Moreover,  photographs of vending machines are only for example. Any machine installed might be dissimilar from the examples  shown. All refrigerant gasses are non-flammable, non-toxic and ecologically friendly.

The advance  aesthetic  and technical  features with customer care, makes us a wise choice. At Star Vending, we’re gratified to be a part of the growing health drive.

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