Our vending machines are procured from Italy. The exotic range has alluring designs, premium quality materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques. The array of vending  machines come in a variation of models with the dissimilar features and applications. Select the right fit for your business requirement.  Our extensive Eco-friendly product range entails,

  • Drink vending machine
  • Snack vending machine
  • Combo vending machine

Drink Vending Machines

With the Eco-friendly refrigeration, enjoy the unlimited supply of perfectly chilled drinks. Our range has adjustable trays to fit all shapes and sizes of bottles and cans. From soda drinks, dairy milk to fruit juices, it stocks all at the appropriate temperature to keep the freshness locked. For convenient purchase, the machine accepts, cash, coins and cards as well. It has the efficient distant monitoring. Relish the prompt product restocking as quantity reduces to enhance serviceability. Drink  vending machines have the following features,

  • Advanced gravity & elevator systems guarantee swift and smooth delivery of each product
  • Large glass point of sale window with energy efficient LED lights to optimize impulse purchases
  • 3 point door with security lock for vandal resistance
  • 40 character display to enhance purchaser interaction
  • Optic sensor for delivery to ensure vend validity
  • Non-rusting galvanised steel plate cabinet
  • Choose up to 40-48 (bottles & cans) per vending machine
  • All refrigerant gasses are non-flammable, non-toxic and ecologically friendly

Snack Vending Machines

Our extensive array of snack food vending machines is idyllic for medium to large businesses or workplaces. Our snack vending range is user friendly. For convenient purchase it accepts cash, coins and cards as well. From healthy microwave meals to snacks, we have got all in the vending menu. The range has aesthetically likable design with extra-large display glass. It has Dual spirals’ to avert soft packets from jamming.

Moreover, adjustable trays to fit all shapes and sizes of snack packs or meals. It’s advanced gravity & elevator systems guarantee swift and  smooth delivery of each product from cardboard boxes, microwave meals to soft pack snacks with ease. Eco-friendly refrigeration and chilling can be parted, so that every range of snacks and meal has its own devoted temperature zone for finest freshness. The snacks vending machines have following promising features to boost sales,

  • DEX statistics productivity support
  • Energy saving LED lighting for impulsive purchase
  • Accounting and sales features
    • Price setting by selection
    • Combo vend and Free vend modes
    • Discounting hours
    • Shutdown modes secured vend times and for energy savings
    • Programmable token and coupon values
    • Multiple configuration options in a single snack vending machine
  • Lightweight, steel-clad plastic shelves
  • Robust steel construction with durable powder coat surfaces

Combo Vending Machines

Our exotic range of Combo vending machines has handy trays and discrete temperature zones. This  innovative technology combo’s feature, empowered our clients to have a variety of vending menu in a single machine. The combo vending machine is lithe to dispense an extensive variety of juices, cold drinks and snack products.

With a refrigerated glass front and the Alpine variable temperature, we have brought together the flexibility of 2 machines into 1 cabinet. Just list down the vending menu and leave the rest of the hard work to us. We personalize the layout to cater your requirements. The combo vending machine has following features,

  • The High Capacity Can Tray with the capacity of Alpine VT5000
  • The refrigeration capacity of 21°C to 2°C
  • iVend® Delivery Sensor System
  • MDB/DEX – communication protocol
  • Heavy duty adjustable roller slides with Adjustable temperature
  • Discrete price selections
  • The user friendly interface with large point of sale display
  • Robust steel construction with durable powder coat surfaces
  • The standard selection – Up to 60 items
  • Standard capacity – Varies with configuration
  • Standard MDB compatible devices- Payment Systems
  • Communication protocol – DEX/UCS

Caution!  Capacities, weight and  product selections vary, depending on configuration and model. Moreover,  photographs of vending machines are only for illustration. Any machine installed might be dissimilar from the samples shown.

The product range requires little maintenance, if vigilantly used. Advanced aesthetical and technical features with holistic customer care, makes us an intelligent choice.  We supply vending machine in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

To have the keen acumen on the product range please crawl our website or call us for free quote.